How to Use this Resource

The beta version of Early Modern Songscapes is a digital exploration of Henry Lawes’s 1653 songbook Ayres and Dialogues. Under the Songs from Ayres and Dialogues menu above the songs are organized in a number of ways to enable you to browse the collection. To browse a digital transcription of the Table of Contents page from Ayres and Dialogues click on "Table of Contents" in the drop-down menu.  For a full image-based digital copy of Lawes’ songbook click on "View Primary Source". Alternatively, "View Editions" will bring you to an alphabetical listing (by "first line title") of all of the TEI/MEI editions of Lawes' songs that can be examined with our viewer. 

The songs “Come heavy Souls,” “Theseus, O Theseus,” and “Venus, redress a wrong” are all variant editions, with textual and musical variants between their various incarnations indicated in blue. Users can toggle between copy texts by clicking on the interactive shelf numbers on the left. Click the blue highlighted musical notation or text to see a pop-up box with an image of the relevant variant(s). This is often easier to do if you zoom in somewhat using your browser first, which in most cases can be done with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+ (Windows) or ⌘+ (Mac). Also, bear in mind that the cursor will change from an arrow to a hand when you hover over something clickable. Simply click anywhere outside of the pop-up box to close it.

For bibliographioc information about the variants displayed, click the "Details" at the bottom of any edition to display publishing information, and other relevant metadata. 

For our practices concerning variants and accidentals, see our editorial statement.

To download our TEI and MEI files, see our Github data repository.